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Axel Thierauf was born in 1994 in Cordoba, Argentina. He moved to Germany with his mother as a young boy and remained there for almost two years before returning to Argentina.

Throughout his primary education, Thierauf showed a strong interest in drawing and painting. He would realize his first body of work at the age of fourteen, painting in the abstract style at first. Predominant inspirations during this period included Modern Masters like Jackson Pollock and later Francis Bacon and Lucian Freud.

Thierauf first received formal instruction in art after enrolling in Tecnicatura Superior en Artes Visuales, in the city of Cordoba, where he completed three years of study.

Increasingly, during this period Thierauf became fascinated by classical painting and drawing. He understood that these were the foundations of fine art. Recognizing the need to render his perception of reality in this way, his interest in the works of the Great Masters eventually led him to pursue more specialized studies in the field.

In 2018 he enrolled in the Saint Petersburg Art Academy in Florence, Italy, where he would get the opportunity to study classical art. Thierauf has studied under highly-skilled master artists within this institution. Thierauf is currently living and studying in Florence.

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