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2018-Present Studying  at Saint Petersburg Academy in  Florence. 

 ( Fine Arts and Restoration).


2017_ Participated in an exhibition with his former teacher Moreno Ugo  at “Micromega Arte e Cultura” in Venice, Italy.

2014 -2017_  Studied “Tecnicatura Superior en Artes Visuales” at  “Universidad Provincial de Cordoba”, Argentina .


2016-2017_ Worked and exhibited at the Art Gallery  “Aurora” in a partnership with Moreno Ugo and other artists.


2016 _ Participated in the exhibition “Noche de los Museos ,Muestras del Cuerpo” organized by “Universidad Nacional de Cordoba”.


2015 _ Took part in the “Villa Carlos Paz XXII Art Salon”, Cordoba.


2013 _ Solo exhibition “ El atavismo del Ego” in Sala Poeta Lugones,Capilla del Monte,Cordoba,Argentina.


2011- 2013_ Formed part of the permanent roster in the gallery Biedermeier, Cordoba ,Argentina, where he realized solo and group shows.


2010_ Group Show in Sala Poeta Lugones, Capilla del Monte,Cordoba.

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